How a Mouth Guard Saved Me from Termination

One of the most difficult tasks in life is to secure a stable job for the rest of your life until your pension is enough to be a retiree. This goal gets harder to achieve when you get older, because the younger people generation are taught more skills compared to ours. This really puts us in a very big disadvantage. I experience a tough competition myself, and I’m only 47.

Every year, the company I’m working at reviews all of the employee’s performance for that particular year. That is a major event for all of the employees, because they could get promoted, maintained, moved to another department, or fired. It was kind of exhilarating and scary at the same time. Because of this annual review, we work ourselves to the bone. We try not to slack off, especially during the completion of major projects.

Three months before the annual review, my supervisor called me to her office. I was sort of expecting it that time. A month before that, I noticed myself feeling so tired every morning when I wake up. This is probably due to my snoring; I keep waking up in the middle of a snore. This happens several times in a night. I really couldn’t keep my focus on the projects. There was also a time that I was late for three deadlines, so this meeting was not uncalled for.

When I walked into her office, she instructed me to sit on the chair in front of her table. I obliged and just sat there silently.  She told me about her observations in the last month and asked me what was happening to me, since I never slacked off at work. This was the first time that it was happening and she was not happy about it. I told her about my lack of focus and my tiredness in the mornings. She just nodded and listened.

After I told her everything, she paused for a few moments and told me something that shocked me. She advised me to go get a check-up because it could be something else. Well it wasn’t really an advice; I was required to get a check-up so I was obliged to do it if I want to stay in the company. In the next weekend, I was sitting in front of a doctor’s table to get one. After all the questions and checking of vital status, the doctor finally revealed that I had sleep apnea. The specialist recommended that I should by an anti-snoring mouth guard so I could quickly stop the snoring. I was thinking about my job so I did buy one as soon as possible.

solution-for-sleep-apneaAfter a week of using the anti-snoring mouth guard, I was back to my normal self. I never missed any deadlines, and I was never tired in the morning anymore. I slept almost fully undisturbed through the night and no more snoring for me! Three months after that—guess what—I was promoted,too! The anti-snoring mouth guard did not just saved me from losing my job; it even made me work more efficiently. I guess I’ll be retiring sooner than I thought.