My ZQuiet Review

I haven’t written any reviews yet in my entire existence and I don’t know where to start with my ZQuiet review. I guess I should start when I was already working with the 3DLAB. I am one of the texture artists for their 3D game and animation department. It was fun and all and I get to do what I love and enjoy here, even though the work is really intense, especially when the client is really picky. Texturing 3D designs is a really tough job, but this is just okay as I really enjoy making textures, turning them realistic, cartoonish or whatever the client wants. In our field, it requires me and my co- workers to even stay at work and even sleep there.

But that is not the issue here, since we needed to stay at work late and we’re really too tired to go home, well we sleep at work. The first time I slept there was a funny story. It was around 4 AM when I woke up me and my co-workers because of my really loud and intense one-liner snore. We stared at each other and laughed. One of my co-worker told me that it could’ve been stress that caused this and after the conversation we went back to sleep. Then there was a problem. Every time we slept over at work I snore really intensely to the point where we couldn’t sleep properly anymore. There was even a time where I had to sleep at a different office from the embarrassment. I was really worried too that my co-workers are not getting any sleep.

stressed-at-work-due-to-obstructive-sleepSince then I started going home even if it was 3am. I even have to sacrifice my 2 hours of my time, which would’ve been nice for additional sleep, commuting to work and back. At that point I also checked how was it when I was around my apartment: if I bother other people with my snore, or if they  can hear me. I asked my neighbour one time if I was bothering her at night and she confirmed my horrors. Even my landlord who is living above me confirmed that he hears my snores. It was really not making any things better.

Then I went online to check on the causes and prevention of snoring and there I confirmed what was really happening to me. Of course, that will not cut it as I went to a doctor to inquire about my situation and it was as said online. The doctor advised me to get a ZQuiet anti-snoring device. It was weird at first and I looked like a boxer but it’s better than being embarrassed and bothering anybody with my snoring.

teethI first tried it at home and asked my neighbour and my landlord again about my snoring bothering them but they said they don’t hear it anymore, so it works. Next is now at my work and the timing was impeccable as we had another long work ahead of us. At first my workmates were sceptical about me sleeping with them again then I showed them the anti-snoring device and wore it. I even acted as a boxer giving out punches as a joke but it seems like it worked like a charm as nobody heard me and nobody was startled in their sleep due to my snore. For that I’m giving this 5 stars.