How a Mouth Guard Saved Me from Termination

One of the most difficult tasks in life is to secure a stable job for the rest of your life until your pension is enough to be a retiree. This goal gets harder to achieve when you get older, because the younger people generation are taught more skills compared to ours. This really puts us in a very big disadvantage. I experience a tough competition myself, and I’m only 47.

Every year, the company I’m working at reviews all of the employee’s performance for that particular year. That is a major event for all of the employees, because they could get promoted, maintained, moved to another department, or fired. It was kind of exhilarating and scary at the same time. Because of this annual review, we work ourselves to the bone. We try not to slack off, especially during the completion of major projects.

Three months before the annual review, my supervisor called me to her office. I was sort of expecting it that time. A month before that, I noticed myself feeling so tired every morning when I wake up. This is probably due to my snoring; I keep waking up in the middle of a snore. This happens several times in a night. I really couldn’t keep my focus on the projects. There was also a time that I was late for three deadlines, so this meeting was not uncalled for.

When I walked into her office, she instructed me to sit on the chair in front of her table. I obliged and just sat there silently.  She told me about her observations in the last month and asked me what was happening to me, since I never slacked off at work. This was the first time that it was happening and she was not happy about it. I told her about my lack of focus and my tiredness in the mornings. She just nodded and listened.

After I told her everything, she paused for a few moments and told me something that shocked me. She advised me to go get a check-up because it could be something else. Well it wasn’t really an advice; I was required to get a check-up so I was obliged to do it if I want to stay in the company. In the next weekend, I was sitting in front of a doctor’s table to get one. After all the questions and checking of vital status, the doctor finally revealed that I had sleep apnea. The specialist recommended that I should by an anti-snoring mouth guard so I could quickly stop the snoring. I was thinking about my job so I did buy one as soon as possible.

solution-for-sleep-apneaAfter a week of using the anti-snoring mouth guard, I was back to my normal self. I never missed any deadlines, and I was never tired in the morning anymore. I slept almost fully undisturbed through the night and no more snoring for me! Three months after that—guess what—I was promoted,too! The anti-snoring mouth guard did not just saved me from losing my job; it even made me work more efficiently. I guess I’ll be retiring sooner than I thought.

Children Can Snore Too

baby-irritated-by-snoreWhen I first observed that my 7-year old daughter was snoring, I could not believe my ears. She was too young to snore, I told myself, shocked and worried that this could be something that started longer than it should be. I am a single mom of two beautiful daughters, the snoring one and a five-year old. I have to feed and support my kids, and they were both attending pre-schools. I currently have two jobs and these  are eating my time away from my daughters. There are times that I have to leave them to my parents’ care. They never told me anything about snoring though.


I heard her snoring one night after a very energized play at the park one Saturday afternoon. She really got herself tired from all the running and laughing with me and her sister. We really enjoyed times like those because I was always busy with my jobs. When I was walking towards her bedroom, I could already hear a loud noise coming from inside. I went in to see her sleeping with the irritable sounds coming from her. I was instantly worried. Snoring is usually experienced by adults, but here my kid is snoring loudly almost the same as a college student.

I phoned my dad and asked him about it. He said he didn’t know, and confirmed that my mom did not know anything about it too. They were getting worried to. My dad suggested that we should talk to a doctor about it if it really bothers me, so I thought that was a good idea. I’d rather be safe than sorry, I told him. He contacted the family doctor for an appointment, and the doctor said he was available two days from that day. I agreed. The next day, I informed my bosses that I had to take my daughter for a check-up so I wouldn’t be around the next day. Luckily, they understood my plight.

sleeping-childOn the day of the appointment, I talked to my 7-year old about snoring, but she said she had no idea about it. She was quite embarrassed at first, because she was a girl and she was too young for that. She had heard her granddad snoring when she was younger, and she knew how terrible it sounds. Suggesting to her a check-up was easy because she wanted the snoring to go away. That afternoon, our family doctor arrived at our front porch.

The doctor examined my kid then asked us some questions about her how she sleeps, how she feels every time she wakes up, throughout the day, and if she abruptly awakes at night several times. I had little knowledge about her sleeping patterns so she had to do almost all of the answering. After the interview, the doctor said it was sleeping apnea. He told us that we should do some sleep training and that we will need an anti-snoring device just to be safe. I asked the doctor if the devices are safe for children, and he assured me that they are. He gave us a prescription for a mandibular advancement device specifically for children and told us where we could buy one. We did as we were told, and we bought one for my kid at a very cheap price. I was so glad that we acted on this problem at a very early time. My kid was happy too because she really didn’t want to snore anymore. At present, she sleeps next to me and doesn’t snore one bit. I hope that my other daughter won’t ever experience snoring, but at least we know what to do when it happens.

Using Herbs and Edible Flowers to Treat Snoring

When it pertains to discovering an efficient stop snoring house treatment, you might have the ability to create numerous alternatives that include making use of natural herbs. Right here are some examples of organic supplements and teas that can help in assisting to handle constant snoring issues around your home.

valerianMixes of numerous herbs have actually shown to be efficient for many individuals. Frequently, a mix of interest flower and pepper mint leaf powder yields some outstanding outcomes when it concerns moderate snoring. For advanced scenarios, including valerian root to the mix appears to reinforce the possibilities of balancing out bouts of snoring. This flower is understood to be helpful for the nerves as well as assists to control revitalizing sleep for individuals who are can’t fall a sleep. Pepper mint benefits the nerves, and valerian root assists to minimize stress and anxiety. In between the 3 herbs, the user will certainly get substantial doses of calcium, Vitamin A and vitamin B complex, which might describe why the mix assists to unwind and permit undisturbed sleep.

All 3 herbs are extremely simple to take just put them in a warm water and drink for a rejuvenating nighttime. If having a cup of hot tea is not possible or useful at the time, then all 3 herbs are offered in pill type. The benefit to the hot tea made with the 3 herbs is that the dietary material will certainly spread out through the body quicker than taking a pill. Of course you can chose non-natural treatments for snoring, such as using a mouth guard, a lot of the companies who products those mouth guards claim many things that are not always true, on the other hand there are many good mouth guards as the one I’m currently using right and having positive results. This mouth guard is called “Pure Sleep mouthguard”, I’ve tried many mouth guards, but after reading one review on this product, I’ve said to myself “this pure sleep review is interesting, perhaps I’ll give it a shot”, it worked better than I’ve expected.

Individuals utilize natural solutions for a variety of body conditions all over the world. When it come to a better stop snoring house solution, herbs are a reliable and natural method to handle the natural phenomenon of snoring.

You will have to do some research to discover the match for your specific kind of snoring. This does include a great deal of experimentation to find out which one works for you.

If you are taking medication it is suggested to contact your Physician to make sure that the natural mix will  not negatively impact you.

People have made use of herbs effectively as natural stop snoring aid, for countless years.

Herbs work well for these conditions that might add to snoring such as, nasal blockage, sinus obstruction, inflamed tonsils or other cold and allergy signs.


There are definitely a lot of alternatives offered. It might be practical to go to a Herbalist for recommendations.

Right here are some that might match

olive oil

Olive oil can been utilized effectively to sooth your throat. Simply get a couple of sips prior to you falling asleep.

tea honey and ginger

Tea Honey and Ginger are an excellent mix taken as tea prior to bedtime. The tea works as a decongestant help.

eucalyptus oil

The Eucalyptus oil vapors services by opening your respiratory tracts while you are resting so you can breathe much easier.

Jasmine flower for snoring

Jasmine works to separate phlegm and mucous to aid you breathe simpler. You breathe in the vapors and they assist to open your respiratory tracts.


As you can see there are many herbs suitable for snoring treatment, if you don’t think that those herbs could treat your snoring, because you think that it’s to severe, there are other options and those are: anti-snoring mouth guards / chin straps, here’s a report of my snoring solution chinstrap analysis.